We are always looking for highly talented individuals who share our passion for delivering the best quality systems for our global client base across the commodity markets. Details of our current vacancies are listed below.

If you have the dedication and determination to make an impact and are looking for a real opportunity to influence and shape the growth of the company, please email your CV together with a covering letter to careers@bradyplc.com.

Brady plc offers a friendly, flexible working environment, as well as a variety of employee benefits, a competitive salary and a generous benefits package.



Why Join Brady ?

  1. Excellent career progression
  2. International workforce
  3. Innovative technology
  4. Offices worldwide
  5. 400+ customers across all 5 continents
  6. Largest European headquartered supplier of ECTRM solutions
  7. Number 1 in metals globally
  8. Number 1 in US recycling

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Brady People


Account Manager

What I love the most about working at Brady is the variety of tasks and work at hand. No two days are similar. One day I could be reviewing regulatory change or responding to client needs and the next I am annotating important marketing documentation for the company. I am privileged in that I work across multiple products and geographies (both local and global), so there really is no such thing as a typical day. One of the great things about Brady is the close knit team. I am impressed with how incredibly well we all work together. Everybody has the opportunity to voice their opinions and thinking outside the box is strongly encouraged.

Career wise there are a number of different opportunities within Brady, as the company has a proven track record of progression and internal transition. Brady has certainly helped my career by learning new skills, in particular the Agile process.

One of my key focuses currently is the multiple LME changes and developments which are occurring as the LME expands. It is an exciting time and I regularly liaise with both the LME and our client base to provide thought leadership and determine the most appropriate path forward, hence giving value.

My advice to anyone joining Brady: expect to work hard and play hard! Although the workload never ceases, at Brady we also appreciate the social element to the company and we regularly organise various social activities arranged by our social committee.



As a senior business analyst, my primary responsibility is to work as a liaison between our clients and our developers. This includes meeting with traders or operations to discuss business problems and discuss how Brady can help solve them through software solutions or consulting services. As a result I help clients reduce operational inefficiencies by implementing new functionalities within our software products or by assisting them with the creation of new internal procedures. To accomplish this, after determining our clients requirements, I work internally with our development team to build the new functionality into our products.

One of the most satisfying aspects of my role at Brady is being able to work directly with our clients to help them solve complex issues within multiple areas of the supply and value chain for various commodities, throughout the trading, risk management and logistics areas. Learning the intricate details of the way each commodity is traded, transported and managed operationally is enjoyable. Most importantly, learning the interconnections within the market between the various actors and working directly with them is one of the key benefits of working at Brady.

Brady is a global organisation with offices throughout North America, Western Europe and Asia and truly invests in its employees through a variety of methods. As an international company, opportunities to travel to train users and rpovide consultancy services to clients are frequent. Brady certainly gives its employees a significant amount of resources to enable them to grow within the organisation. Additionally, as a rapidly growing company, there are many opportunities available as well as transfer opportunities between offices.

Brady is a great and wonderful organisation to be a part of. Joining Brady has given me the opportunity to continue learning more about the intricacies of the entire industry, travel to many new places in the world and work directly with some of the largest base metals and agricultural trading companies.

Overall, working at Brady is truly an enjoyable experience. The company is expanding rapidly through acquisition and contract signings. All ideas are welcomed which results in a great working environment.



Account Manager, APAC

After I graduated with a BSc in Physics and Acoustics from the University of Surrey, I joined the company as a junior developer for Jon Hobbs’ team at Brady’s headquarter offices in Cambridge.

My first significant turning point was during a series of overseas trips to Kuala Lumpur. At the time I was working as the ‘technical lead’ on a project for CIMB and had been asked to perform the onsite implementation and user training courses. This opened my eyes to the opportunities for those willing to travel and I’ve never looked back. Within months of finishing the CIMB project I had moved into consultancy and was working on my own project for Alcan in Montreal.

In my experience, Brady always supports individuals who show commitment and aptitude for a role. I have been very fortunate that there has been an opportunity at Brady whenever I have been ready for a new challenge.

At Brady, every country, client and project is different and I enjoy the variety. As a salesman, it’s very good to know that we have some of the best products in the market supported by solid teams of people who I enjoy working with.

Currently my challenge is to keep growing our Asian presence, both in terms of new clients and personnel. I believe Asia to be where the opportunity is for Brady right now and my aim is to make the most of this as quickly as possible.

Since I joined Brady, I have seen us grow from 20 people to the largest European headquartered ECTRM solutions provider with offices all over the world. I fully expect us to maintain the momentum, growing in Asia of course but also other territories and asset classes. I expect to see us reach the title of the largest ECTRM solutions provider in the world.

My advice for anyone willing to join Brady is to demonstrate how you can benefit Brady and in return you will be encouraged to succeed. When an opportunity is put in front of you, take a risk. We have always had a team of experienced and helpful people who are willing to help you out and there is a lot to be learnt from them. My number one recommendation for anyone joining is to learn as much as possible from the team around you.