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scrap runner logoScrapRunner™, a Brady plc solution, is a complete system, having automated trip entry, containercontrol, trip and driver management, driver mobile data, and an interface to your existing accounting system. ScrapRunner is a dispatch and container control system designed specifically for the scrap recycling industry.

The driver application runs on almost any Android mobile phone or tablet. By using the device camera as a barcode scanner, most functions require minimal keystrokes for the driver. Status updates are viewable on the office system almost instantly.

The office application contains colour-coded, ergonomically designed screens so the dispatcher can quickly enter trips, check the status of a driver or locate a container with just a glance at the screen.

The host interface assures that most data captured in ScrapRunner is available to your accounting system. The system easily interfaces with your existing CRES software, or any other back office solution that may be in use.



Automated Dispatch, Driver Tracking and Container Management Software for the Recycling Industry.



Dispatch and Container Tracking:

ScrapRunner functionality and design anticipate the uniqueness of your operation and allow you to tailor its functionality to handle the things that only you do at your company. 

Take our Trip Entry Screen. Let’s say you have a trip that consists of dropping an empty lugger, picking up a full lugger and then returning to the yard. This trip type can easily be created and saved. When a new trip is entered, selecting that trip type will insert these three actions into the trip, eliminating most data entry. The system can also auto assign a driver to a customer, automatically direct different commodities to different yards and split trips between drivers.


sr pc screen templateRouting and Tracking via GPS-Enabled Handheld Devices

By creating regulars, your regularly scheduled trips can be generated daily for dispatching, avoiding a missed stop. Finally, during trip entry, a list of containers at the customer’s location is displayed on screen, eliminating errors. And, there is a check built into ScrapRunner to keep you from mismatching your equipment and container types.

Do you know where all your off-site containers are located and how long they’ve been there? Do you even know the containers you have in your yard?

Most likely the answer is an emphatic “No!”. Container control in ScrapRunner is a two part process. First, all your containers are inventoried and labelled with a rugged bar code label. Off-site containers are labelled as they are encountered in the course of business.

From that point on all container transactions are recorded by the driver using the bar code scanner in his mobile computer. As a result, real-time container inventory is available at all times. This tight container control eliminates yard checks and time spent looking for the correct container for a trip.

The Spotted Container List shows all containers that are at customer sites. Columns include days at site, type, size and supplier. There is also a facility for tracking short-term containers, such as at a construction site. The Yard Container List has filters to show only loaded, empty, pre-loaded, inbound or shop statuses and allows you to view inventory in multiple yards.


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